Deanna Perez

Head Instructor & Owner

Deanna began teaching Krav Maga in 2009 and has taught students at skill levels ranging from beginners to seasoned Krav Maga practitioners and instructors. In 2012, Deanna established a popular Women's Only seminar series to provide women with practical self-defense skills. The Women’s Only seminar was held in multiple locations in the Bay Area and was heavily attended by women many of which were new to martial arts. Deanna is passionate about self-defense and fitness and thrives on seeing her students improve their overall fitness and confidence.

Deanna has trained under many prominent Krav Maga experts such as Danny Zelig, Tamir Gilad, and Eyal Yanilov  and earned instructor certificates from Tactica Krav Maga Institute, the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), and Krav Maga Global (KMG). 

Additional areas of expertise include:

  • Weight training

  • Kettlebell

  • Sport-specific conditioning

  • Complex plyometrics

  • TRX

 In her spare time Deanna enjoys weight lifting and Muay Thai.