Deanna Perez

Head Instructor & Owner

Deanna has been teaching Krav Maga since 2009 and has developed a reputation for offering classes that push students beyond what they thought was possible in a fun, safe and supportive environment. As an instructor, Deanna focuses on teaching both the technical and mental aspects of Krav Maga and incorporates situational awareness into her lesson plans. 

Deanna began training Krav Maga under the tutelage of Danny Zelig, a leading Krav Maga expert, and has also trained with other top instructors such as Tamir Gilad (IKMF) and Eyal Yanilov (KMG). Deanna is the senior female instructor for Tactica Krav Maga Institute and is the lead for their STOP Women’s Seminars which are offered bi-monthly at all Tactica locations.

Deanna holds instructor certificates from Tactica Krav Maga Institute, the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), and Krav Maga Global (KMG). 

In addition to Krav Maga, Deanna has experience in:

  • Weight training
  • Kettlebell
  • Sport-specific conditioning
  • Complex plyometrics
  • TRX

Deanna is a mother of three, and both her older children and husband also practice Krav Maga.